Tenerife, Canary Island, Hungary, Somosko...

Apartment in Callao Salvaje, Tenerife
House in Somos, Hungary

By the sea: Spain-Tenerife-Callao Salvaje

It is by the sea in Spain-Tenerife-Callao Salvaje The blue sky and the blue ocean as well the island of Tenerife having a balanced temperature all year round make it an excellent place for those that like to live abroad.

In the forest: Hungary-Somos

The house is located in the forest of Somos, Hungary.
It is surrounded by a large green garden and the evergreen forest.
You can hear the liveliness of the forest, with the birds singing and the crickets chirping.

If you like nature and like to live abroad then this an ideal place for you.

From the place:
  • a nice view
  • a lot of green vegetation
  • quiet, clean air
  • friendly neighbors
  • good infrastructure
  • a trendy places

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